Contracted to curate & develop long-form branded content- via Complex Media- for Pepsi Pulse, an international digital growth marketing initiative. Initiative was groundbreaking in that it pulled back-end user data from Pepsi fan's SM channels to drive front-end content curation parameters before it was common practice.

[now defunct]

  • Modernize & expand digital presence to broadly connect with 16-23 yr. old demographic across genders & countries
  • Optimize content for structured formatting vis-a-vis internal/external linking & effectively driving engagement via multi- channel digital content campaigns
  • Refine & expand cultural perceptions of org's digital profile
  • Personally obtained site’s first several high-profile interviews (Ariana Grande, Hot Chelle Rae, SZA)
  • Assisted in developing long- form content tone & styling
  • Deliverables included: interviews; film reviews; concert coverage; think-/opinion pieces; underground music reviews etc.
RESULTS [2014-2016]
  • 210% increase in Pulse site's DAU (daily active users)
  • 484% YOY increase in PV (page views)
  • 103% YOY increase in UV (unique visitors)
  • 22 mm SM impressions
  • 4.41 pages/visit // 2:15 min/visit
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